Rubber Mulch with Stone Borders

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Verified Customer: Justin S
Project Date: 05/26/22
About my Project

Upgraded to black rubber mulch with high contrast stone edging.

Dear Justin,

Thank you for sharing your rubber mulch landscaping project with us!  The house and landscaping look beautiful.  Excellent curb appeal with a super clean and finished aesthetic.  We are always fans of pairing the rubber mulch with stone borders.  We also love what you did with your side yard - rubber mulch is a fantastic choice for what is often utility areas adjacent to houses.  These side yard areas frequently get muddy and rubber mulch prevents that.  It is also an easy to walk on space that keeps your equipment clean.  Last, it's better than wood mulch against the house as the wood mulch will retain moisture and wildlife. 

Best Regards,

Team Rubber Mulch Warehouse

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