Verified Customer: Lisa C
Project Date:
Application: Landscaping
About my Project

I used a little bit of rubber mulch in the past, but wanted to use it on a larger scale once our house was remodeled. We ordered 2 pallets and used every bit of it, not only in the front of the house, but all around. The landscaping looks BEAUTIFUL and really shows up well against the mulch. Absolutely 100% happy!

My Rubber Mulch Warehouse Experience
I will 100% recommend RMW! Quality mulch, quick delivery and great customer service. Only way to go!

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for sharing your remodel project with us.  Your house and landscaping look beautiful.  We can tell you put a lot of love in to everything from the pavers, to the landscape design, to the grand entrance.  Everything has come together in a cohesive manner, epitomizing a wonderful coastal aesthetic.  We appreciate your feedback and are thrilled to have been able to work with you.

Best Regards,

Team Rubber Mulch Warehouse 

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