RedSails Grandkids Playground

Verified Customer: Gary D
Project Date:
Application: Playground
About my Project

This is for the Grandkids at our RedSails Paster Retreat!

My Rubber Mulch Warehouse Experience
Great experience! Professional, quick delivery and availability to talk in person for question. Price was very fair!

Dear Gary,

Thank you for sharing your playground project with us!  It turned out amazing and just love everything about it.  We just want to sit in those 2 chairs in the nature there and enjoy the peace and quiet while listening to the kids having fun!  We love how the red rubber mulch stands out elegantly to define the play area and give it such an exciting look.  We also are fans of the cement borders which provide a really nice finish that will last you a long time.

Best Regards,

Team Rubber Mulch Warehouse 

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