Raised Garden

Verified Customer: Gretta A
Project Date:
Application: Landscaping
About my Project

I used 2 1/2 pallets of your red rubber mulch for my veggie garden.

My Rubber Mulch Warehouse Experience
The experience ordering from your company was seamless and the third-party delivery service was very accommodating. Thank you for a great product and great service, the garden project came out fantastic.

Dear Gretta,

Thank you for sharing your raised garden project with us.   We absolutely love how it turned out.  The planting containers you used are so cool and we have been seeing a lot of these lately for good reason.  The rubber mulch is going to be great to walk on, garden on, and keep the area mud free.  It will also perform well in wet weather. Fantastic layout and the bench is perfect for taking a break on or just taking in all of the hard work you have invested. We hope you have a robust harvest. 

Best Regards,

Team Rubber Mulch Warehouse 

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