Grandparent Park

Verified Customer: Peter K
Project Date:
Application: Playground
About my Project

My wife and I created our grandparent park so our grandkids would have some unique memories of coming to our house and spending time with us…..

My Rubber Mulch Warehouse Experience
The blue mulch was a perfect way to set off our little park while making it safer for our grandkids!

Dear Peter,

Thank you for sharing your playground project with us.  You and your wife did a wonderful job on it.  Everything looks absolutely amazing and we love it.  This is definitely one of the coolest playgrounds out there.  Your grandkids will absolutely have amazing memories of a place that for sure will bring them smiles every time they see and play in it. When they see the bright colors and walk through those painted doors they are taken to a magical world.  The tremendous effort and love you put in to the playground to make them happy shows just how much you care about them.   

Best Regards,

Team Rubber Mulch Warehouse

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