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Verified Customer: John T
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Application: Landscaping
About my Project

Area to cover was 475 square feet. Ordered 2000lb (77 cubit feet) brown rubber mulch.
Removed all natural mulch down to the weed fabric and patched weed fabric.
Only used 32 of the 50 bags (49.3 cf) meaning depth was 1.24 inches; surprised it did not take more.
Material was mostly uniform in size; few larger pieces (example: 2 inch x 4 inch); those could be easily removed.
Neighbors on both sides expressed interest; one had used rubber mulch at his previous home.

John T.

My Rubber Mulch Warehouse Experience
Have several other mulch beds; I expect I will be ordering more once I get the beds cleared.

Dear John,

Thank you for sharing your rubber mulch landscaping project with us.  Your front yard wood mulch replacement looks great - it's really clean and professional.  We would love to see what else you have in store for the remainder of your mulch beds.  

Best Regards,

Team Rubber Mulch Warehouse

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