Landscape Fabric for Playgrounds
FREE SHIPPINGSelected: 3' x 50' Roll (150 sq ft) + 30 staples
3.5 lb


Landscape fabric is highly recommended to be placed beneath rubber mulch or other ground cover under your play area surface.  Landscape fabrics are not all made equally so we took the guess work out of it and selected the perfect fabric for you for your playground applications.  There are a lot of different characteristics of a landscape fabric such as fabric weight, water permeability, weave type, fabric material, UV stabilization, and more which makes choosing the right fabric a difficult task.   Additionally, not all fabrics are manufactured with quality to be durable and perform its job.  This landscape fabric is the perfect choice, specially selected for playground applications as an underlayment for effective weed prevention and soil separation.

Our geotextile fabric is a strong non-woven spunbond blend that is perfect as an underlayment for your rubber mulch setup. This fabric boasts superior fiber distribution and an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio creating super effective weed mitigation and soil separation.  The fabric's natural qualities offer exceptional ultra violet stability and unequaled water and air permeability.


  • Contractor grade for home and commercial use
  • Includes steel pins for securing to the ground
  • Mitigates weed growth with a barrier between mulch and soil.
  • Allows water, air, herbicides, fertilizer and insecticide flow into the soil.
  • Lends insulation to root systems against sudden temperature changes.
  • Minimizes erosion and loss of mulch due to soil intrusion and is chemically inert.
  • Resists mildew, rotting and insect invasion.
  • Reduces plant bed maintenance.
  • Maintains moisture and reduces watering.
  • Fabric is treated to minimize UV light exposure degradation. 


  • 3.0 ounce fabric weight
  • Spunbond
  • Non-woven
  • Water permeable
  • Color: black
  • UV Protection


Order online above:

  • 3' x 50'
  • 4' x 50'
  • 3' x 100'
  • 4' x 100'

We also offer larger sizes for covering larger areas.  For larger areas, it's more economical and easier to work with. Great for school, church, municipal, and other commercial play area projects.

Please note for an online order which contain multiple of the above sized rolls, for example: 3 of the 3' x 100' rolls, we may send an equivalent sized single 3' x 300' roll.  The consolidated roll will be in the same width and provide the same total sq ft of coverage.   

Call or submit quote request for the following sizes:

  • 4' x 150'
  • 4' x 200'
  • 3' x 300'
  • 4' x 300'
  • 5' x 300'
  • 6' x 300'
  • 8' x 300'
  • 9' x 300'
  • 12' x 300'
  • 15' x 300'


This fabric is perfect for residential and commercial playgrounds including schools, churches, daycares, and other similar applications.  This fabric can also be used for obstacle courses, training facilities and underneath the ground cover of other high traffic areas.  Use under rubber mulch, wood mulch, or pebble.  


1 pallet of rubber mulch will cover approximately 150 to 310 square feet, depending on the depth at which you apply the rubber mulch.  If you are using just 1 pallet for your play area and you have a 3" depth, you will need to cover about 310 square feet with fabric.  In this case we would one (4' x 100') roll which will account for overlap of seams.  

For larger areas, you will need to determine the square footage of the area to cover and then look at how many square feet the landscape fabric will cover.  For example, a (4' x 200') roll will cover 800 square feet of area without seams.  However, your playground will not be 4' wide and 200' long.  So with seams, this role will cover a bit less square footage, which will depend on how many seams you have and how much you overlap the seams. You will need to take in to account overlapping at the seams and possibly some waste so we would always recommend to purchase a bit more landscape fabric than the actual square footage if there will be seams.

For larger play areas, consider the larger rolls which will make it easier to lay the landscape fabric down and minimize the amount of seams and overlap. 


  • Easy to install: just place on the ground over soil or drainage rock.  
  • Determine the direction to lay down the landscape fabric (e.g. parallel to the long side or parallel to the short side) to maximize the quantity of fabric you have. 
  • Overlap the seams 4-6".  
  • Tack the pins down to hold in place.  
  • Then pour rubber mulch on top.