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Playground Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is an exceptional playground protection surface, as it provides unmatched shock absorbency, and greatly reduces the incidence of playground injuries. Unlike other loose fill surfaces, rubber mulch requires minimal maintenance, dries quickly after rain and will not decompose. Its exceptional longevity makes rubber mulch a very cost effective option for play areas, playgrounds, and other applications.

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Playground Borders

The most secure and efficient playground barrier, our borders keep surfacing in and unwanted debris out. Our rubber borders are the perfect touch for a finished look and user-friendly application: smooth and seamless, no decomposition, no warping or discoloration, and super-easy to install!

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Rubber Playground Mats

Our premium recycled rubber mats come in multiple sizes and thicknesses.They are designed to provide extra cushioning for high-impact areas such as swings and slides, keeping kids safe no matter what the activity. These mats provide the perfect finishing touch for any playground area that has a loose fill surface, preventing dispersion in potentially high impact areas, such as beneath swings and slides. While great for playgrounds, they can be used as stand-alone mats or a flooring surface for your home gym, patio, walkways, or anywhere a durable, non-slip surface is needed.

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Weed Prevention Filter Fabric

Buying rubber mulch or rubber tiles from us?
We highly recommended to purchase this filter fabric as an underlayment for effective weed prevention.  Our fabric features a special polyester fiber weave that creates an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

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