Mulch Calculator

How much rubber mulch do I need?

  1. If you have a single rectangular area to cover, measure the length and width.
  2. Enter your length and width values in the calculator below for the one rectangle.
  3. In the depth dropdown below select your desired depth.  We provide recommendations based on what you are using the mulch for. 

What if I have circular areas, non-rectangular areas, multiple areas, or more complex shapes?  

In that case, call (561) 800-2114 or contact us and we can help you calculate the amount of mulch you need.

How do I read the calculator?

Look at the resulting pallets that you need.  We sell rubber mulch by the pallet, in half pallet increments.  Each pallet is approximately 1 ton (2,000 lbs) and contains either a super sack or 50 bags.  

What if the calculator calculates a number that is not a 1/2 or 1 pallet increment?  

Our calculator does not round up to the next pallet.  If for example, it calculates 1.6 pallets, then you can decide whether to order 1.5 or 2 pallets.  Our calculations are a suggestion based on our experience so there is an acceptable variance.

How much area does 1 pallet of rubber mulch cover?  

That depends on how high you want to fill your area.  Our calculator above provides recommendations on what depth to use for different applications.  Below you can find how much 1 pallet (2,000 lbs.) of rubber mulch covers at some different sample depths:

Depth Sq Ft
1.5" 620
2" 470
3" 310
4" 230
6" 150


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